Brian Kitson

Welcome to Brian Kitson and Associates

We help our clients better understand their current situation, collaborate with them to come up with novel approaches to addressing problems, and implement change from a holistic, system-wide perspective.

Strategy Development

Execution can only be as effective as the Strategy on which it is based. We work with our clients to build a coherent Strategy and align the organization to support its execution.

Process Optimization

We work with our clients to optimize how they perform their work, and ensure that the Process is understood by all and integrated across functions and groups.

Project Management

Our team members manage projects on our clients behalf and also work with them to improve their program management capabilities.

Organization Development

Technical change to processes, structure, and even strategy is often easy to create. However, in order to truly change a system, the culture needs to be modified and aligned to the Strategy and Processes, and the people engaged.

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