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Our Team

Brian Kitson and Associates is a group of highly skilled and experienced consultants, who provide expert support to a variety of functions and industries.

Brian Kitson is the Principal of Brian Kitson and Associates. He has been consulting since 1998, and operating as an independent consultant since 2009. He has worked for two of the leading global consulting companies and a couple of specialty consulting groups, before launching Brian Kitson and Associates.

When Brian requires additional skills and competencies to deliver specific requirements for clients, he brings on colleagues from his network with those deep skills. This allows for a very flexible model, in which he can always identify and resource the right experts matched for the requirements of the project, rather than force-fitting an employee who may not be the perfect match. This allows us to maximize the value we provide our clients.

Any project begins with a discussion with our client to better understand their situation an requirements. Frequently, we will conduct a initial diagnostic of the client organization, if appropriate to the project, to better define the current state and requirements.

Our clients contract directly with Brian Kitson and Associates, who in turn contracts with other independent consultants brought together for the contract. Our clients always have a decision on whether to use the team which has been assembled, or to request alternate resources – to make sure we have the right fit with both skills and personalities.

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