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Program, Project, and Resource Management (PPRM)

Managing complex projects, especially those comprised of experts from different functions, requires a distinct set of knowledge and skills. Project Leaders and Project Management Offices often play a diplomat role, balancing competing functional priorities and focusing their teams on the task at hand. Implicit in this work is the need to understand how to manage resource capacity, motivate team members, accurately plan and track work effort, and understand the environment to predict and manage risk.

Our team members have managed projects of varying complexity and scope across industries, and have used this expertise to both manage projects on our clients’ behalf and improve organization and operations within existing and newly designed Project/Program Management Offices.

Are your projects being managed optimally? Do you have clarity around the requirements — in time, capital, resources, and expertise — to make effective development portfolio decisions and budgeting? Are your project leaders skilled at motivating people and building effective teams? At understanding and managing risk? At marshalling support across your organization for the projects they lead?

Our team members have managed teams within a large number of industries and are skilled planners, motivators, and executors.

Project Management

We have a methodology in place to assess clients’ current project and resource management capability, which we use to provide a diagnosis and recommendation for areas in which to improve. All of our change initiatives would be conducted in the context of larger organizational change efforts, and take into account the repercussions of the change across the organization.

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