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Our Associates have supported various Financial organizations, including Banking, Pension/Benefits Plans, Debt Management, and a Charitable Trust.

Strategic Redesign and Building Effective Executive Teams for a Debt Management Company

The company recognized that it needed to modernize its way of doing business to compete with emerging technology. After a series of consultations, the client decided that it wanted to change its core model from bricks-and-mortar call center to one that offered more internet-based self-service, with a smaller call center for supporting complex issues. Brian worked as part of a team to help the client executives work through the transition and manage the change. The engagement included redesign of the core processes, organizational restructure, redesign of positions throughout the organization, a cultural transformation to support the new strategy, and working with the Executive Team to improve their coordination and how they worked with their staff.

Conducted Compensation Studies, Executive Compensation Planning, and Job Evaluations for a Philadelphia Bank, a Board of Pensions for a Religious Institution, a Charitable Trust, and a National Industry Benefit Plan

Brian has conducted a number of Compensation Studies and Job Evaluations for numerous industries. The more strategic engagements generally consisted of working with Human Resources and other executives to help them understand the components of total remuneration and make decisions about how they wanted to reward their staff in terms of internal pay equity, external competitiveness, and variable compensation programs. The more tactical engagements generally consisted of benchmarking analyses — presenting the clients with reports of how individual positions were being paid in the market and how they compared to other internal positions (the former usually based on scale of organization / title comparisons and the latter usually based on point-factor work complexity evaluations or other quantitative comparisons).

The Job Evaluation support consisted of structured interviews to fully understand positions and their role in the organizational process. In most cases, the positions were converted into a complexity model, to allow the position to be compared to and benchmarked against similar positions. Support around Job Evaluation often included the development of job or role descriptions, recommendations on appropriate compensation, and making staffing, retention, and succession recommendations for various positions.

Brian has worked as a Branch-Based Sales Associate and as a Branch Operations Trainer for BayBank and BankBoston.

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